groupe reda

a few words about us

In 1961, Joe Reda started his career in life insurance at the Holland Life Company. In a very short time, Joe's passion for his work and drive to succeed earned him the distinction of being a leading broker across Canada.
In 1974, Commercial Union Life acquired Holland Life Company. Sensing the need to forge a new ground, Joe became president of his own brokerage company, Groupe Reda Inc.
Over the years, the company developed an undeniable reputation in the life insurance industry, particularly in the Italian community.

By offering a multitude of services, superior products, innovative solutions and unparalleled expertise, it has become a leader in its field.
Being a man of commitment, professionally and socially, Joe Reda is an active member of various associations including the CIBPA (Canadian-Italian Business Community Foundation of Quebec).

The Group

  • A life long Montrealer, Joey Reda received
    a DEC from Champlain College in Social Studies. His drive led him to Groupe Reda in 1996 where he quickly earned his stripes through hard work and proactive thinking. That same year, he obtained a Certificate for the Life Underwriters Training Program. Always eager for more knowledge, Joey completed the Canadian Securities Course two years later contributing to the firm's reputation for providing professional excellence.
    Today, Joey's primary role is to build new client relationships on a solid foundation of respect, personalized service and expert advice.
    In his spare time, Joey operates a dojo(School) in Kyokushin Karate applying those rules of discipline and focus to his work.
    Joey Reda - President
  • Born in Montreal, Louie Reda received a DEC from Vanier College in 1981 in Social Studies. He attended Concordia University studying Commerce prior to beginning his career in the insurance industry in 1986.
    He obtained a Certificate for the Life Underwriter's Training Program and completed a Canadian Investment Funds course in 1995. A position with Manulife Financial allowed him to develop his keen insight and desciplined approach before joining Groupe Reda, where his carful attention to detail has proven to be an invaluable asset.
    As Vice President, Louie Reda is responsible for internal operations handling customer service, contributing to the development of long-term client relationships and managing the investment and group insurance division.
    Louie Reda - Vice President
  • Sam Cohen-Scali was Principle Director of Advanced Sales for one of Canada's leading financial institutions. In that position, Sam worked with advisors of ultra high net worth clients to introduce viable financial planning solutions and create new standards of customer service.
    Utilizing this invaluable expertise, Sam's focus with Groupe Reda is on the Quebec and Eastern Canada regions. His ability to identify opportunities and provide technical expertise has allowed us to offer our clients specific solutions tailored to their unique needs.
    As primary contact for both the client and advisor, Sam will personally manage the case from start to finish working cloely with the entire planning team to customize the solution for the advisor and the client.
    Over the past ten years, Sam has focused his career on building a bridge between actuaries, advisors and clients and simplifying the process for the client.
    A member of CLU and APFF, Sam holds a degree in Actuarial Sciences(1996).
    He is Based in Montreal.
    Sam Cohen-Scali